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I thought I would share my updated skincare routine for June seeing as I haven't done one in awhile and it's changed a little since I last did one. I won't go into depths about the products I use, I'll do that in a different article. :)

DO I REALLY NEED TO WRITE A DISCLAIMER? Probably.... Research before you buy, buy for your skin type. Always go natural as possible. All these things are what works for me so they may not work for you but they might. I can't really tell you what works for your skin and what doesn't.


1) CLEANSE using my Ethique In Your Face Cleansing Bar and my silicone cleansing face brush in the shower under warm water. When I get out of the shower I splash my face with cold water to help seal the pores.
2) TONE using The Body Shop Aloe Vera Calming Toner.
3) SPOT TREAT if I have any zits with my Natio spot treatment.
4) MOISTURISE with my Sukin Oil balancing moisturiser.
5) EYE GEL I use Natio's eye gel.
6) SUNSCREEN using the one from Natio.


1) I wet my face with warm water. Then I apply Garnier's Micealla water to REMOVE MY MAKE UP (which isn't much).
2) CLEANSE using my Ethique In Your Face Cleansing Bar with my silicone cleansing facial brush.
3) TONE with my Aloe Toner from the Body Shop.
4) SPOT TREAT if need be.
5) OIL I use my Sukin Natural Bio Oil for my acne scars.
6) NIGHT CREAM I use my Sukin Night Restoring Cream.
7) EYE CREAM I use the Sukin Antioxidant eye serum.


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday I put on a face mask when I put a face mask on I will exfoliate before it goes on. I use Sukins oil balancing exfolator.
Twice a week I use Skinfoods mud mask and on Sunday nights I use the Black Robin Green Genie Purifying Clay Masque which is amazing.

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Here are some of the products I use.

I am planning on writing an article about all the products I use and then different articles reviewing each product so stay tuned.

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