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aesthetic, alternative, and asian image fashion, popreal, and toddler outfit sets image
I had a pixie cut which nobody liked and glasses


etsy, fitness, and tea image fashion, pink, and black image
I was a girly-girl until middle school. I liked pink and wore tank tops, t-shirts, and some ugly capris.


pink, flowers, and bike image forest, green, and lake image
I always rode my bike and adventured into the woods behind my house


good night, pose, and son image Image by Airii
I was shy and horrible at math. I'm not shy anymore, but I'm still terrible at math.


buttercream, youtube, and jack maynard image love, blonde, and body image
He was a blonde haired, blue eyed douche who called me ugly. But jokes on him because he's big and ugly, and I'm skinny and beautiful now. No hate, but you know...ha!


girl, kawaii, and tumblr image cat, kitten, and animal image
Adventurous, shy, and full of curiosity

Favorite Movies

90's, animation, and family image book, film, and gif image
The Land Before Time, especially the ones with Chomper, and The Princess Bride

Favorite Animal

tiger image animal, bengal, and tiger image

Favorite Shows

big time rush, btr, and 24 seven image Image by carolynlove
Big Time Rush and iCarly, of course
amazing, art, and blue image Relationship, relationships, and romance image
Dreams To be a Killer Whale Trainer and find true love


girl, girls, and 8pm image snow, winter, and christmas image
My curfew was 8 pm during winter and in the summer I had to come home when the streetlights turned on
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