Hello Beautiful people! I have some friends who only speak English, and are having trouble learning some Spanish. So I thought what would be a fun way to learn a language, and I found the answer almost immediately, listening to music. I learned English listening to music in that language, translating lyrics and learning new terms, relating the new things I had learned with my school notes and day by day I was improving. Today I watch movies in English without subtitles and I can have long conversations with friends all around the world communicating in English. Learning a language is not easy, but if you find inspiration in small things like TV series, songs, movies, everything can be made easier. What I recommend most is to have a notebook in which to write down your doubts, words you don't know, lyrics in the original language and next translated, terms of some countries, the culture of the countries, whatever you want! And the most important thing is to be constant, never stop learning.

Well okay, here's a list of songs in Spanish that are so good and have some incredible lyrics. I hope you like them!

  • No Llora — El Cuarteto de Nos
baby, dad, and cute image love, dad, and family image
When she feels she lacks strenght,
That she's dying,
That nothing makes sense and nobody loves her,
The girl thinks of her dad singing to her, she doesn't cry,
The girl doesn't give up nor she does cry.

This is such a beautiful song of a father to his daughter, he teach her to not cry, to be strong and to be independent. This is the kind of song that when you understand the lyrics makes you cry. You can not pass this song without feeling something, you will love it, I promise.

  • Adios — Gustavo Cerati
big, cerati, and men image rip and gustavo cerati image
You play sad songs to make you feel better
your essence becomes more visible
from the same pain
a new sunrise will come

This is a song about breaking up with someone for a superior reason, that being able to say goodbye is to grow. Gustavo Cerati was a very important singer in Argentina who died after being in a coma for almost two years. He is alive in our hearts because of his songs and their important meaning to us, this song is one of his most beautiful works.

  • A Las Nueve — No Te Va a Gustar
grunge, quotes, and theme image
My mind is just tired, and my skin leave by your side
You explain me a thousand times, what I see is what you are
I know you leave at nine
I know I die at ten

This song is also about breaking up, but has beautiful lyrics and a nice rhythm, it is a sad song but it has a powerful meaning, just listen.

  • Esa Estrella Era Mi Lujo — Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota
aesthetic, tumblr, and cute image couple, boy, and tumblr image
Bah! She was my only hero
In this mess
Love's most beautiful
That a fool have seen dream

It is a bit the amorous experience - of a truncated, disappointed love - of a rocker towards a woman who he believed to be deeply in love with. This woman was for him the "star" who guided and enlightened him; it was the sentimental "luxury" he had in the midst of an overall pessimistic view of life and the world. This song has an amazing melody and I love it so much.

  • Habla Tu Espejo — El Cuarteto de Nos
girl image mirror, aesthetic, and pale image
I see the words that you never said in your mouth
I see in your eyes, exhaustion like a cyst
I see you worried with no one at your side, for some time now
I haven't seen you accompanied by good or bad

This song talks about each one's mirrors, their projections, their fears, their frustrations, their resistance to changes. Talk about our lives and how our mirrors live. It is a very personal song that touches you deeply in the soul.

  • Trátame Suavemente — Soda Stereo
yellow, tumblr, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beige, and theme image
I don't want to dream the same things a thousand times
Nor to contemplate them wisely
I want you to treat me softly

It's a song about being trapped by loving someone who does not correspond you with the same feelings. It is a romantic ballad with touches of anger and frustration. It is one of my favorite songs of all times because it has a beautiful melody and because it is from Soda Stereo, where Gustavo Cerati was the singer.

  • Irresponsables — Babasonicos
hug, aesthetic, and blue image love, couple, and blue image
Little by little we went crazy
and that steam of our love
he got us drunk with his liquor
and I blame the endless carnival
It made us confuse irresponsible ones

It is an epic, loving, radical, passionate song. It is about an irresponsible love, I would also say it is about an infidelity, but what stands out most about this song is its rhythm that leads you to dance and shout it with all your voice.

  • Cuando Sea Grande — El Cuarteto de Nos
girl, friends, and boy image
I do not want to be unable to control my anger
Nor load that sadness in the eyes
Wet and red, tired and loose
I do not want myself to be my spoils
Not to cast the blame on others with vehemence
What is my concern and responsibility
I do not even want to try some idiocy
I couldn't do when I had 23

Finally, this song is about growing up, learning to be yourself and not be the same as your parents. It's about the fear of growing up and becoming a mediocre adult. This song advises you not to become bored and embittered adult, and to always keep the funny spark of youth with you. It is a cry against adults and it shows our fears, but it is also a very catchy song.

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