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• Do a walking tour of your city

city, sky, and sunset image landscape, road, and sunset image

• Go to a free musical

party, people, and summer image festivals image

• Take a road trip to the nearest beach or lake

inspiration, Island, and summer image beach, fun, and sun image

• Practice yoga in a park

• Go camping

• Pack a picnic

food, aesthetic, and picnic image food, dinner, and lunch image

• Join a recreational sports team

• Go to the zoo

dress, zoo, and cute image friends image

• Go to the drive- in movies

60s, cinema, and romantic image vintage, car, and retro image

• Have a yard sale

•Take photographs in nature

adventure, photography, and plants image beautiful, nature, and photographer image

• Have a water balloon fight

• Make DIY gifts for friends and family

diy, jar, and pineapple image rustic, rake, and diy image

• Make a summer playlist

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