We were quiet at that moment, without neglecting our youth and imprudence. After having painted my black bicycle, in the night of frenzy that we had a week ago; it was already blue, in gradient from an electric blue to a sky blue.

I pedaled through the streets on a sunny afternoon, still fresh. It was autumn and some people swept the mature leaves of their gardens. Children mounted skateboards, played soccer, basketball or had their eyes lost in the video games they held in their hands. For the first time I didn't see it as if everything around me seemed pathetic.

My hair fell down my face when I stopped abruptly in front of Axel's house. It is as if I could not avoid passing by without at least having seen Axel. There he was, throwing garbage into the outside trash cans. I kept watching him from afar, wanting to approach him but not knowing if it was the right time since he doesn't always have the humor to talk.

For a second our eyes met and surprisingly a smile emerged on his face. I hid my face under my tangle of hair that the wind didn't stop flying, when I noticed that Axel was approaching between the dancing leaves of autumn. I felt chills and warmth when his hand touched my chin to look at him again and I chuckled.

"I was waiting for you," he said, his bright green eyes catching my attention. "I want you to go with me to the hill"

"To the hill?" I asked not being very sure to which place he was referring specifically.

"Yes. We've been there before, don't you remember?" he replied, frowning with a crooked smile showing his white teeth. His gestures were more vivid, he looked happy.

I shook my head in a shy and tender way. Today I felt resplendent for him, I even felt my cheeks burn.

"You can leave your bike in my house, it would be better if we go on foot" he suggested and I didn't deny that it was a good idea.

When I arrived that place seemed familiar, and yes, we had been here before. All this time I associated it as "The Waterfall", but I like that we're here again; this time with a landscape dyed in orange and brown tones and the sun fell much earlier.

I smiled grateful to be with Axel. He was much more attentive to me than the previous time: he was stroking my hand, looking for my touch, hugging me at the waist, he even kissed me on the cheek! He only made my feelings go out of their way to let me go for the moment. When we were on the shore it felt like that time: energizing, fresh and radiant.

Our feet hung in the air and our little fingers were intertwined, I liked this new phase of him and his ease. We talked non-stop, it did not matter if they were inconsistent, it was comfortable. We unloaded our problems towards the distance from the landscape as if the sun were carbonizing them on the road. We did not pretend to be well, we were bad and for the first time he did not feel bad, because this time was for each other, without prejudice, as we used to be.

"I liked it when I brought you the last time," Axel said with a vague smile on his face.

"Why?" I asked laughing. "'Cause was I half naked?"

"Do not!" He responded infected by my humor. "In fact I liked it because we kissed."

The sincerity could be savored in his words, I was glad that he had said and I felt that tingling under the surface of my skin.

"I swore you had forgotten" I said with relief and a little pain. "Since you never commented anything".

"But you didn't either!" he answered with his hand on his chest pretending that I had offended him.

"Yes, but I kissed you again on that night you wanted me to dance with you ..."

"Under the rain," he concluded with a giggle.

"Yes that night," I replied. "I also thought you had erased it from your mind"

A grimace of confusion passed over his face in a funny gesture and I could not help but laugh again.

"But if you ran home before I said anything, you stopped talking to me for a week and a half, leaving me with the doubt that if I had bad breath or something you didn't like..."

I leaned forward, clasping my hands in my lap. He after all this time just felt confused, lost and misunderstood by my behavior, I just made things worse. Being able to tell us all those things now took a burden off me.

"The truth is that I was scared" I said with a lost look on my nails. "I didn't want the relationship we had achieved to be lost forever"

He didn't answer or say anything, nor did I. We didn't stop thinking and the silence was increasing in this space, until Axel broke into laughter.

"Are you talking seriously?" he said and I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Everything in this world can be found, except us, and if there were a rupture between you and me, we would get tired of looking for someone to be with because we have no one but us"

I chuckled next to him. It was funny the loneliness we shared between us and beautiful the time we were killing together.

"Do you think we're so peculiar as you say?" I ask balanced my feet.

"One hundred percent" he nodded, pulling me closer to him in a hug. "If there's something I have to tell you seriously: it's that you can kiss me whenever you want"

My cheeks blushed and I nudged one of his ribs jokingly, so he wouldn't play like that with me. But apparently he really meant it.

I stared at him, scrutinizing every part of his face, as if I would soon wake up sand Axel become a thick blur in my memory. He cradled my face in his hands, leaning slowly towards me, joining our lips. Closing our eyes, feeling that which always threatened to come out of our hearts, I embraced him with the fear that he would vanish. He tangled his fingers in my hair taking our kiss to a much more passionate level.