Just now I realized that my favorite shows are all having their finish, and it is making me feel nostalgic. That day when I watched the last episode of The Vampire Diaries, I saw myself crying about it. Those shows made my teenage years tolerable and I'll be forever grateful that they distracted me in my worst moments.

Gossip Girl

gossip girl, blair, and serena image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image gossip girl, chuck bass, and nate archibald image gossip girl image

it was my first time ending a tv show and i was so excited to know finally who the gossip girl was. i wish i could erase it from my mind and watch it again to make my next years as special as my fifteen's was.

The Vampire Diaries

elena gilbert, tvd, and smile image the vampire diaries, stelena, and Nina Dobrev image Image by baby.lolita ian somerhalder, vampire, and damon image

i didn't think i would actually enjoy this show when i first saw it. i wasn't really into the supernatural genre (judge me, i never watched twilight) but the "high school" and "drama" thing made me stay with this until the end, and today this is one of my favorite series.

Pretty Little Liars

Image removed Liars, scene, and screencaps image ashley benson image Liars, little, and pretty image

unlike the others, this series did not hold me because of the high school thematic itself, but for the mystery. when i started to see it, i was already looking for some deeper things to watch. although it took so long to come to a conclusion, it was a great escape valve for my teenage problems.

The Fosters

the fosters, jude adams foster, and noah walker image the fosters, maia mitchell, and brandon foster image maia mitchell, bailee madison, and the fosters image Connor, Jude, and the fosters image

at first, I started this one because of Maia Mitchell (i was so excited to get to see her acting that I just found the fosters and started in the same moment), but the show itself is more than enough to make you fall in love. it taught me so much about things I didn't know and about love and respect. so far the best show i could watch to feel better about myself and about the world.


Image by Jemina Andrea reign, adelaide kane, and mary stuart image reign, francis, and mary image reign, francis, and frary image

I can't speak about this show without crying, seriously. I learned so much about history and also about strength and love. I'm the number 1 stan of Frary, as you can see.