♥*♡+:。.。hey guys! 。.。:+♡*♥
i'm back again with another article and this time i'll be doind the abc tag i saw @AnpanmanYoongi do since i found it really interesting and you get to know what kpop artists and songs i like (not like anyone cares lol)
let's start!
🎼 A- anpanman, bts

bts, jimin, and jin image bts, jungkook, and jimin image

🎼 B- bboom bboom, momoland

gif, bboom bboom, and kpop image Image by urin baepsaeya

🎼 C- change up, seventeen (leaders unit)

hoshi, Seventeen, and woozi image Seventeen, s.coups, and hoshi image

🎼 D- dress up, jonghyun

Image by 𝕩𝕫𝕤𝕣 Jonghyun and SHINee image

🎼 E- eclipse, loona (kim lip)

eclipse, gif, and girls image eclipse, photoshoot, and chuu image

🎼 F- free somebody, luna

Mature image Image removed

🎼 G- good evening, shinee

Jonghyun, Taemin, and jinki image SHINee, Minho, and Taemin image

🎼 H- heroine, sunmi

sunmi, kpop, and wonder girls image heroine and sunmi image

🎼 I- i need somebody, day6

day6 image Jae, day6, and dowoon image

🎼 J- jealousy, monsta x

jealousy, minhyuk, and twitter image jealousy, kpop, and minhyuk image

🎼 K- kokobop, exo

exo, sehun, and chanyeol image exo, suho, and Chen image

🎼 L- liar, clc

kpop, clc, and sorn image clc, kpop, and crystal clear image

🎼 M- milk, f(x)

f(x), amber, and gif image f(x), amber, and kpop image

🎼 N- new, loona (yves)

gif, yves, and loona image gif, new, and loona image

🎼 O- odd eye, shinee

Jonghyun, k-pop, and Taemin image SHINee, kim jonghyun, and lee jinki image

🎼 P- pour up, dean

dean, kpop, and korean image dean, deanfluenza, and deantrbl image

🎼 Q- q&a, seventeen and ailee

Seventeen, dino, and vernon image Seventeen, ot13, and 180526 image

🎼 R- run, bts

bts, jimin, and jin image kpop image

🎼 S- shine, pentagon

gif, pentagon, and shine image pentagon, hui, and shinwon image

🎼 T- the 7th sense, nct u

gif, ten, and kpop image anniversary, ten, and nctzen image

🎼 U- up&down, exid

exid, kpop, and up and down image dance, up and down, and hani image

🎼 V- vivid, loona (heejin)

aesthetic, colors, and kpop image Temporarily removed

🎼 W- wild, 9muses

asian, awsome, and black image kpop, wild, and sera image

🎼 X- x, monsta x

minhyuk, i.m, and wonho image monsta x image

🎼 Y- yes i am, mamamoo

mamamoo, kpop, and solar image mamamoo, moonbyul, and hwasa image

🎼 Z- zutter, gd&top

bigbang, g-dragon, and top image g-dragon, top, and bigbang image

hope you give these songs a listen and please go ahead and do this tag!! it's strangely fun? lol
thanks for reading!