I'm doing a series of TV Shows challenges, so check them out!

⒈ Favorite female character

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and bitch image
Queen B

⒉ Favorite male character

chuck bass, ed westwick, and gossip girl image
Chuck Bass

⒊ Favorite parent

gossip girl, lily van der woodsen, and kelly rutherford image
Lily Rhodes

⒋ Best season

Temporarily removed
1 and 3

⒌ Least favorite character

gossip girl, dan humphrey, and jenny humphrey image
The Humphreys but specially Jenny

⒍ Which character has the best fashion sense?

blake lively, dress, and gossip girl image Image by Simona
Serena. Undoubtely

⒎If you could be any character, who would you be?

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and quotes image

⒏ Favorite couple?

Temporarily removed chuck and blair, he, and chuck bass image
Chair. Goalssss

⒐ If you could live in any of their homes, where would you live?

apartment, gossip girl, and serena image gossip girl image
At the Van der Woodsen's penthouse.

⒑ Favorite sibling?

gg, gossip girl, and Serena Van Der Woodsen image

⒒ Favorite dress? (Serena)

gossip girl, blake lively, and Serena Van Der Woodsen image Image by lucia

⒓ Favorite dress? (Blair)

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image Image removed
The one from the bar mitzvah it's breathtaking

⒔ Serena's or Blair's wedding dress?

blair, gossip girl, and dress image
Blair's Elie Saab.

⒕ Crush from the show?

gossip girl, Chace Crawford, and nate archibald image

⒖ Best quotes?

best friends, blair waldorf, and blake lively image Temporarily removed gossip girl image gossip girl image

Gossip Girl
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