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Quick little announcement: I'm starting daily articles. For those of you who have followed #TheSmileProject, then you are sadly aware the project has ended. I decided I wasn't really feeling the positivity I strived to share and I felt mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. While I loved the project and still do, I'm hoping to focus on my own personal articles now and start to make a (potential) name for myself.

Anyway, every girl knows how hard it is to be a girl. Guys, seriously, we go through a lot. Don't tell girls that you guys have it worse. Just don't. Unless you want a long list of reasons why girls have it worse or have to deal with more. It's your funeral.

This past Friday my boyfriend and I went to see Incredibles 2 (I totally recommend watching the movie. I am Jack-Jack. Also, this movie isn't for the kids. It's for the people who have waited 14 years for this movie, the kids can join in too and see it, but we waited forever to see this). After the movie, I was inspired to write this article when I went to the bathroom. I know, strange, but you'll understand soon enough. So here are 20 Things Girls Have To Deal With. I hope you enjoy. :)

1. Clothes Shopping.

So I don't know who came up with the idea that clothes will never ever be the same for girls. I'm a medium, but for one company a medium could be 4, 5, and 6 and for another, it could 5, 6, and 7. And don't forget the fabrics. That's a whole different level. A dress in one fabric could be a 5 but a different dress that looks the exact same could be a size 3. We will never win. And can someone please make shorts that don't look like underwear? I need to find modest shorts for the summer. Who's with me?

2. Long Lines In The Bathroom.

So, let's say you are at the movie theaters, you drank a lot of water or whatever soda you preferred and after the movie, you have to go to the bathroom. You've been holding it because the movie was just that awesome and you didn't want to miss anything. But the minute you walk to the bathroom, there is a line. You have to pee. Like really have to pee. Like your life depends on it. It's the absolute worst.

3. Cravings.

Okay, cravings can be cool and all, but not when it's three in the morning and you really want pizza but you're too lazy to get out of your comfortable bed to get pizza or physically can't get pizza.

4. Periods.

I had to include it. They suck. Why did Eve have to eat from the Tree of Knowledge? Honestly, I'd rather go back to high school for the rest of my life if it means I don't have to deal with another period ever again. Maybe. Probably not.

5. Cramps.

Advil, Ibuprofen, hot packs, ice packs, the fetus position (you know, when you're curled up in a ball?). They hurt. A lot.

6. Being Pregnant.

Okay, so I'm not pregnant and I don't hope on being pregnant for a while, but still. While the guy doesn't really do anything, us girls have to grow a human in us. Our organs are pushed around. We're moody. We're complete menaces, actually. We deal with really weird should never even be legal or discussed cravings.

7. Labor.

So the idea of labor and bringing a person into the world kind of terrifies me because you know, yeah. And I won't go into this much, but it's a thing. Like, we do a lot, okay?

8. Swimsuits.

I can't find a decent one piece anymore. It's all bikinis and I don't think I'd look good in a bikini, so I'm stuck. Plus, a lot of bikinis are too revealing these days. Like, you just might as well go out in a bra and underwear and call it your swimsuit.

9. Weight.

Okay, this is a huge one. A lot of people have the perception of "girls should be skinny," but when we are, it's like "ew, you're too skinny, you need to eat more or gain more weight," but when we do that, we get "ew, you're so fat. Lose some weight." Like, just accept us for who we are, man!

10. Dating.

Okay, guys, so when you set a date time for seven to go out to dinner, do you not expect us to eat before? Like, I'm a stress eater. Last year, my now boyfriend asked me out on my first date. Yes, I'm 20 and I didn't have my first date until last year. Anyway, he said he'd pick me up at seven. I was stressing, man. I ate two tacos an hour before he got me. I ate a little when we went to dinner, but really. I hadn't eaten for 7 hours by that point and I was stressed.

11. Food.

Okay, so are we supposed to eat like a lady and eat a fair portion or eat as much as we possibly can and as much as we want? Me personally, I would choose the latter. This girl loves her food.

12. Formal Wear.

Okay, I love dresses, but if I had the chance, I would wear shorts or jeans for a ceremony or something because I want to be comfortable. Plus, when you sit in a chair for too long, the seat sticks to the back of your legs and thighs and it feels like you're tearing off your skin. And you have to make sure there is no wind or anything because that would be bad.

13. Hair.

Okay, this one is a major one for me. I love my long hair. But in the summer, I want short hair because then I won't get too hot but when I cut my hair, I miss my long hair and it's a whole emotional cycle.

14. Hair Pt. 2.

If you have long hair, you can style it a lot, but there are too many ways and if you have short hair you can't really style it at all without looking like you have a dog tail growing out of your head. Like, can't we have a middle ground? Please?

15. Messy Buns.

To the girls who can make a perfect messy bun: HOW? I can make a messy bun but then in like two minutes, it looks like I'm Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Or I take ten minutes to make a messy bun, but the messy bun is actually messy and not a messy bun. You feel?

16. Showers.

Okay, sounds like it doesn't belong on the list, but oh, I assure you. It does. Why?

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shaving cream
  • Body wash
  • Lush product (because duh)
  • 2 different towels (one for your hair and the other to dry off)
  • Razor
  • More shampoo
  • More conditioner

And the list can go on depending on the person.

17. Shaving.

So let's say you shave Monday. All is good. You slide into bed and feel the immediate comfort of your legs sliding on your bed sheets and all is right with the world. Tuesday comes around. They're still good. But Wednesday. It's hot out. You're going out with friends, they're almost there, you put on your shorts and you feel the tiny little hairs try to destroy your evening. In fear and panic, you shave your legs as quickly as possible and then the next thing you know, blood is trailing down your leg, trying to kill you. You put on a band-aid, throw on jeans and your whole mood is ruined. Not to mention shaving under your arms, which is a pain as well.

18. Period Supplies.

So, like pads cost a lot of money. And I think it's really inconsiderate that someone is making money off my pain and suffering. If I could, I would sue them for pain and suffering.

19. Perfume.

So you're getting ready for a date. You practically pour on a bottle of perfume. Your date sprays maybe two sprays of cologne and somehow his cologne lasts longer than your perfume. What is the science behind this? Someone, please tell me. (Also, perfumes cost a lot and I still want to smell nice, but I can't buy perfume.)

20. Skincare.

Skincare either costs too much or is affordable but doesn't help. Plus, you have to go through a whole process of washing your face. Applying the skin care treatment. Washing your face again. And wait a week for results (more or less) only to find it doesn't help or makes your skin worse.

Okay, loves. That's all I have for you. I hope you enjoyed this hopefully entertaining article. I enjoyed writing it. If any of you agree with any of these, feel free to message me. I would love to chat :)

Like always, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and week. Happy summer!


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