If I had a dollar for every boy that I've ever known who's been in a dream of mine, i'd be a millionaire now.

Ever since I can remember, I've had dreams of all the past crushes I've ever had. Oddly enough, I've even had dreams about boys that I've only ever had one single interaction with. And that's what has inspired me to write this article.

You see, I always like to watch the boys I know from afar, not in a creepy, stalkerish way, but in endearing way, to understand them better. I want to figure out why they are the person they have become today, and discover what really lies behind their made up persona. These observations often sit in my head, and make me question more about them.

The more I notice things, the more I want to really get to know them and learn about their past. This is what often leads me to fall in love easily, or at least with too many people. I try to see the best in all of them, and really see the beauty they hide under their chaotic grins.

All day, Ill let these thoughts linger in my mind, and that's why I often find myself dreaming of them in different ways. I picture them different to the way I observe, but is that all just a figment of my imagination, or is it a conclusion being drawn from my observations?

I would really love to find the answer to that question, because often times when we have dreams about someone, the way they were presented in the dreams changes the feelings we have towards them. So, do I really love the boys that i call mine, or do I just dream of them as perfect illusions, in hopes to find my dream boy, outside of my head.