Hello all of you beautiful people reading this. I hope you enjoy this article and I wish you all the best.

1 ) magic shop

gif image

「필 땐 장미꽃처럼
흩날릴 땐 벚꽃처럼 - bts

2 ) shy

aesthetic, bambi, and neutral image aesthetic, theme, and city image asian fashion, clothes, and dresser image flowers, white, and aesthetic image

「Trying not to freak when you look at me - jai waetford

3 ) somebody

boy, closer, and cute image

「When I dreamed about it
All the things I could live without - chainsmokers, drew love

4 ) BOY

charlie puth, boy, and charli xcx image

「You tell me I'm too young but
I gave you what you wanted - charlie puth

5 ) better with you

aesthetic, alternative, and indie image grunge, pale, and sea image

「But this hell feels better with you
Working through the midnight - michl

6 ) to me

beautiful, face, and fashion image

「정말 나 이상해
솔직히 미안 왜 - davichi

7 ) better than I used to be

aesthetic, flowers, and orange image aesthetic, tumblr, and peachy image fashion, orange, and style image we heart it, lady woman women, and eyes eyebrows brown image

「I been chasin' this dream
I'm so glad you understand - AFSHeeN and mat kearney

8 ) delicate

gif, Taylor Swift, and delicate image

「You must like me for me
Yeah, I want you - taylor swift

9 ) atlantis (remix)- demo taped remix

bridgit mendler, atlantis, and music image

「Deep underwater
Is where I left my love - bridget mendler, kaiydo

10 ) dreamin’

aesthetic, girl, and sheets image clouds, aesthetic, and sky image

「because i know that if i say good night
it's all up to me - raelee nikole



love you.