I figured this was the best way to introduce myself in this account, and since this is my first article I wanted you guys to know a little bit more about myself.
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she started this challenge!

Day 1. Explain the meaning of your name.

My name is Alejandra, but I just use Lexie as a nickname, because my aunt used to call me Alexandra as a joke. Alejandra means "protector of men" and it comes from Alejandria, the Egyptian capital named after Alexander The Great. My parents didn't really put that much attention at the meaning, they named me that because its the femenine form of my dad's second name. I like my name, but I used Lexie instead because where I live Alejandra is really common.

My second name is Maria, which I love. Its a family name, most of the women in my mom's side have it as their first or second name. I want to get It tattooed on me one day.

That was it for this Day 1 Article, I can't wait for day 2, lysm!