A lot of blogs and people says its bad to have a relationship with a classmate. Because after break up you have to see his face everday and so on(I mean who is thinking about breaking up before start a relationship?kinda weird.) In my opinion its a relative thing but you should see the positively.
Let me show you some things. They can may change your thinking:)

1. Easy to know things about each other

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I suppose you two are not strangers in each other eyes. You know him since the class started or from before. Beacuse of school you meet everyday, and you know everyday is a fresh start to know more about your crush:) Try to talk!!!

2. Topics

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Because of benig a classmate you have got so many common topics to talk about! For instance about teachers, subjects or about atoher people.( don't say bad things about them! its not cool) Or about whatever thing comes to your head!

3. Miss

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Imagine that he is there and because of this you CAN'T miss him! He is always around and its cool for you isn't it?

4. Have a sit!

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You can sit next to him anytime you want! He will be close enough for touch his hands and so on. Its such a good feeling to have them nearby but don't forget to focus during the lesson.

5. Cheer up!

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You've got a bad mark? No problem he is there to make you happier and to pull you. He can help with learning too.

6. Food

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How romantic when he shares his food with you! If you're keen on eating thats the best part for you:D

The last thing is breaking up. I know most of the time people don't want to date with a classmate because if they break up once it would be bad to see each other every day...My advice is when it comes to say good bye you MUST do it in a nice way! Talk about your feelings and try to stay friends! If your truthfulness didn't work then you should know that you've tried everything and its not YOUR FAULT!

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I hope you changed your opinion and I wish you a good luck to get the guy:)

xx Sophie