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do you ever manage to throw together a cute outfit but there's something... not quite right about it? perhaps you're missing something? today i want to tell you a few ways in which you can make your outfit go from okay to super stylish.

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jewellery is definitely a fairly obvious one, but it does really help. some aesthetic, luxury looking jewellery can make your outfit pop in seconds. you don't even have to get real expensive jewellery - as much as i love the real thing, dupes of designer jewellery can still go a long way & for much cheaper!
my personal favourite piece has to be bangle bracelets (swarovski & kate spade's are beautiful). these have probably been around for a while, but it's only this year (2018) that i have started to notice them often, & they really catch my eye! i recommend rose gold ones, those are stunning. rings & necklaces can of course go a long way too, my favourites being from the store 'pandora'. i also recommend big hoop earrings ;)

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note: do NOT go over the top. i recommend two pieces maximum otherwise it's too much & can go from charming to alarming quick :)


two piece outfits have been a really great trend for some time now, & it's my favourite trend. you can get a top half and bottom half that are seperate but have the same pattern/style or you can do my other matching trick which is where you match something with something to make the colours pop. i love to match my bag with my top, or my bag with my nails, or my jacket with my shoes and so on - it makes it super fashionable instantly. i hate a big mish mash of colours! for example, these pics, keep it cute & simple:

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this is LITERALLY the best tip in this article. belts save EVERYTHING about a dress. you could put a simple, plain, boring dress on, but put a belt over it & it's INSTANTLY super stylish. gucci belts have also been extremely fashionable & trendy recently, because i cannot find one pic that isn't gucci:

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imagine the looks without the belt! it makes such a difference


this definitely makes a difference. if you're slowly walking around with your eyes at your feet, you're not going to help the outfit. if you're strutting around with good posture, smiling & looking like you're enjoying your outfit, it's going to look 10x better.


i love sunglasses, mostly because they're fashionable but also because you can avoid eye contact at awkward times, haha! whether it's a hot, sunny day or a cold, rainy day, i still wear my sunglasses. you can keep these on your face if you'd like but they also make a statement when sitting on your head, especially if they match with the outfit!

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i love to keep up with many celebs & check out what they're wearing, because obviously everyone will wake up & it will be a trend. remember when kim k wore plastic? that became big after paparazzi took snaps of her in it. my favourite way of doing this is by using http://stealherstyle.net/ . they can easily track where the celeb has gotten their looks from, & i can find cheaper dupes of it for myself to recreate.

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i understand that we don't all have great amounts of money, but don't wear the same thing all the time or more than twice that week. even if you add a jacket & change the trousers it can make a good difference, but please do not wear the exact same thing constantly. you will get sick of it quickly & you won't be seen as very trendy/fashionable because it's always the same thing.


you might be starting a trend! if you have made a wild move, of course you will notice a few heads turn to you, but don't worry about it, just enjoy being the centre of attention. as long as you love what you're wearing, don't worry about others.

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this is a major trend that i don't think will ever end. faux fur is super comfy, but also looks very luxurious, making you look very fashionable! there are also many celebrities who love to wear faux fur. make sure it's fake otherwise you'll get attacked for being gross in the real stuff... we don't want that real stuff.

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if you're not wearing a necklace, these can make your neck look less bare. when i think of these i always think fashionable. these are just classics aren't they, really? and you gotta keep your neck warm in winter! well.. after doing my research of finding a good pic on here to post for y'all, i've realised you can pop these beauties in your hair for a nice hair look too! haha

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