Hi all!!! Guess who’s got a cold on the first week of summer break? Yup. Me. Today’s article is about hot guys though so yay!

Jacob Elordi

If anyone has seen The Kissing Booth on Netflix, you know who this babe is. I love him. His accent makes him even sexier than he already is. He’s also in a new upcoming show with Zendaya and that makes me so happy! He’s very talented. If you haven’t watched The Kissing Booth, you should. It’s HECKA cheesy because it’s a Wattpad story that was adapted into a movie, but it’s really funny and sweet.

boy, jacob elordi, and cute image gif, the kissing booth, and jacob elordi image
I’d fall at his feet. Damn.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles, supernatural, and baby image jensen ankles image cw, gif, and supernatural image supernatural, dean winchester, and Jensen Ackles image

... Need I say more?

Rob Raco

He’s not super famous. Rob plays Joaquin in Riverdale, and was also in an episode of Supernatural. He is so handsome.

boy, gay, and handsome image boy, green eyes, and handsome image

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