what’s up my loves? my birthday is coming up in around a month, so here are some ideas of ways to celebrate. this is just a quick article - enjoy! 💕x

🎁 | a meal with friends

friends, dinner, and model image food and pizza image food, picnic, and beach image friends, summer, and beach image

🎁 | house party

party, friends, and grunge image balloons, grunge, and pink image party, shot, and drink image party, music, and concert image

🎁 | picnic in the park

beach, food, and picnic image date and picnic image beach, food, and picnic image beach, picnic, and theme image

🎁 | family dinner

family and italy image food, pizza, and friends image Image removed food, friends, and dinner image

🎁 | something active and outdoorsy

brave, nature, and muscle image Image by omgivelove animal, camel, and orange image travel, city, and venice image

that’s all for today, lots of love💕x

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oh honey...
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