Hi all! Your girl is officially on summer break! Which fortunately means more time to write! I’m not going to go into too much detail as this is a hard topic for me.

We met when I was 12, he was 13. For being so young, it was pretty healthy. We snuck around a lot, hiding that we kissed and did anything but hold hands. That’s my biggest regret. I wish we had been more open with our parents. Anywho, we dated for almost a year. He called me while I was at a sleepover and broke up with me. He told me it was because of my anxiety, and that I just dragged him down. I just accepted that, until I went to church one week later and saw him holding another girls hand. That makes me think she was why he broke things off. That girl ended up harassing me for several months and he did nothing but laugh it off.

A year passed, and we were at the camp our church holds every summer for middle schoolers. So now I’m about 14, he’s 15. Keep in mind I have a boyfriend at this point. We’re talking and he puts his hand on my leg, being overall flirty with me. I ended up getting food poisoning or something like that and had to leave camp early. As I was packing up my bag, he asks to talk to me alone. The guy ends up kissing me. W.T.F. I go home and I immediately tell my boyfriend what happened and told him I need time to think. I asked my ex why he kissed me and if he wanted to get back together, and he told me that he only kissed me because he felt bad for me and felt like I needed it. -_-

Okay I’m done. I don’t like thinking about him; it makes me so mad.

Thank you for reading! I’ll start posting more since I have no school! Follow for more!