1. Wild Child
Two words: Alex Pettyfer. Do I need to say more? Go watch it!

comedy, movie, and wild child image
wild child, alex pettyfer, and love image wild child, emma roberts, and school image

2. Mean girls
I know it's a classic one. But what's life if you have never seen this movie!?

mean girls image

3. A walk to remember
A very touching movie for the girls that like to cry.

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4. Confessions of a teenage drama queen
Great movie starring little Lilo.

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5. Monte Carlo
Three girls in a magnificent city with loads of bling bling? Sounds like a

selena gomez, monte carlo, and leighton meester image
monte carlo, selena gomez, and leighton meester image

Of course this was just the tip of the iceberg. I definitely could have listed more than 100 movies. Next time more!

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