So, at this moment I really should be asleep, but instead I'm writing this. I have an early morning tomorrow, but I don't feel tired and I wanted to write down my thoughts. Travelling is a way of life which I really adore and want to fill my life with. I have been searching for new travel destinations and have three time periods when I'm supposed to travel. The first one is Norway, again, with my family. We are pretty sure that the area will be The Lofoten Islands again, because there's still a lot to see and experience there. But anyway, my point in this article is to show you a few of the places I desire to visit and tell you why.


I'm going to start with the places in Europe, because they are the most affordable to me, since I live in Finland.

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First of all, Portugal. The capital, Lisbon, is very beautiful with its architecture and the streets look so cute and colourful. The nature side of Portugal would be in Madeira, which has been a plan for our second trip this fall. We could go hiking there and the locations would be very variable. Also this cute quite small place called Faro seemed interesting and there were many nature destinations too.

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Lisbon, Madeira Island, Faro

Croatia is another country where there are the city and the nature in the same place. Those small islands bring a lot of activities to the trip. And I want to see the national park Krka, but also the city Split.

beautiful, Croatia, and green image summer, beach, and ocean image
Krka National Park and a beach in Croatia


I've never been to Africa, so I would want to go too many countries there, but to name a few, I'd say Morocco and Uganda. I love nature and animals, so I'd love to see the wild life and experience all that beauty. I'd want to visit animal sanctuaries and help those in need. The cultural change would be huge, but I think it would be worth it.

travel, blue, and pool image travel, nature, and landscape image landscape, nature, and uganda image africa, beautiful, and nature image
Morocco, Uganda


Asia is a continent I've never been to, so there are many places I dream of. Nepal, Tibet, China, Indonesia... The culture, the people, the nature and the religion intrigues me there. I've read so much about Dalai Lama, which has wanted me to visit Tibet. Indonesia and its nature speak for itself. I mean look at the beaches and the peace of the nature. I know China is highly populated, but it is so different from Europe and Finland, so I'd like to see how is it over there.

beautiful, monk, and photography image forest, mountain, and Temple image flag, mountains, and rocks image hdr, cyclo, and nex image Image removed asia, beach, and beaches image
TIbet, Nepal, China, Indonesia


Down under, Australia, has always been my biggest dream, ever since I was like 6 years old. I guess it is the nature and the architecture. But most important, the marine life. Great Barrier Reef, the dolphins and the creatures of the sea. I adore Sydney Opera House and that has been a source of inspiration in my own designs. Australia would be a dream come true.

ocean, coral, and sea image beach, summer, and ocean image travel, Sydney, and australia image water, nature, and summer image
Great Barrier Reef, Sydney

South America

The pages of my notebook (where I write) are ending, so for the last one I'm going to introduce Peru in South America. It is fascinating with its natives' history and the Incas. Even though I'm not related to them in any way, I feel like my name "Inka" comes from there somehow and Peru has always made an impact on me.

machu picchu and peru image outdoor, summer, and amitrips image
Machu Picchu, Peru

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- Inka Särestö