Hi there, so I’d say these songs are perfect if you can’t sleep because your thoughts are too loud

or maybe you just like to stay up late for no reason, knowing that you will hate yourself in the morning (we’ve all been there)

1. Pure heroine – Lorde
Seriously, the feeling you get when you listen to her songs should be an official human emotion
Two of my Favourites are ribs and teeth

2. Channel orange – frank ocean
I‘m obsessed with his music at the moment, it’s so good :)
Lost is probably my favourite from this one

3. His young heart – daughter
So this Album only has like 4 songs but the lyrics are so smart and they make me want to cry so I would 10/10 recommend if you are emotional and ready to suffer
Candles is my favourite

4. Born to die – Lana del Rey
One of my favorite songs of that album is Radio, makes me kinda nostalgic for some reason

5. After Laughter – paramore
I love fake happy from this one
I mean it also makes me want to cry but it’s such a bop!

6. Oil if every pearl’s un–insides – SOPHIE
We have been blessed with new music! If you haven’t heard of her you can thank me later. Definitely the best album that I’ve listened to in a while.
My two favourites are immaterial and faceshopping

7. OK Computer – Radiohead
My personal favorites are No surprises and karma police
also even if you don’t recognize the title you probably know some songs, I feel like everybody does

8. La vie en rose – Edith Piaf
Okay, this isn’t an album but it’s such a beautiful song!
I mean I don’t understand a word because it’s french, but I love it

9. The 1975 – the 1975
I’d say that Girls is one of my favourites,it just puts me in a good mood

10. Dance to this – Troye Sivan feat Ariana Grande
this song just got released, it’s pretty easy to listen to and we stan to unproblematic queens

Okay I think that’s it. I hope you enjoyed it
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good night or day or whenever you’re reading this! :)