loneliness is one of the worst feelings in my opinion. im an introvert, i love to be alone, but i hate feeling alone. i know thats a cliche thing to say, but i feel like im always feeling alone or unwanted. not going to a real public school doesn't help me find many friends, but i dont want to go to a public school. i like doing school at home. yeah i have my youth group i go to on wednesdays, but no one really talks to me there. i really only have one friend and she doesn't talk to me that much. she often neglects me and forgets about me. i wanna hang out with her but when i text her she takes forever to respond so i tell myself to not even ask. though im an introvert, i still want to do stuff. i want to have friends to hang out with. i wanna go to the beach this summer but i have no one to go with. its a really sad and empty feeling, i sometimes wonder if it has to do with me but i remind myself its probably just because im not at many social events and i dont even go to a public school. i feel stuck, since i don't have a license or anything yet & i need to start working on that so im not always at home. my sister usually helps me out and comes over often so i dont always feel alone. however my other sister treats me like trash so whatever lol. i have my art, my dog, books, my bowie records and my ukulele so im good for now i suppose. sometimes i wish i could leave everything and hang out in the forest with the animals. im a very earthy person, i love the earth it makes me happy.

anyway, thank you for letting me vent my feelings on here. this place is like an escape for me. if anyone else feels this way too im sorry you have to feel that way :( it can be hard, if you need to message me you can <3

i might make an article on how to cope with feeling alone especially if you do online school, because you're mostly by yourself all day if you do online and its not easy. let me know if you think i should!

tiff 🎄
tiff 🎄
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