Not only are they candy for your eyes but they are food for your soul ;)

Thought I'd share the guys I'm hopelessly in love with, so you can fangirl with me.

Colin Firth

colin image colin, firth, and love image
Mr. Darcy is all I need to say. I just imagine him sitting in his Shakespearean library, reading classic leather bound novels with Vivaldi playing in the background, all day.

Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo dicaprio, boy, and Leo image 20s, aesthetic, and leonardo dicaprio image
Young or old Leo, he's a work of art. He's an inspiration and he cares so much for people and for this planet. Leo for President!

Cole Sprouse

cole sprouse, boy, and cole image cole sprouse, boy, and cigarette image
Rebel, genius, funny and beautiful. What more could you ask for?

James Franco

james franco, boys, and cute image james franco, boy, and car image
GENIUS. He's a complicated soul, I imagine his mind filled with outside-the-box ideas, literature and art.

River Phoenix

river phoenix, 90s, and actor image river phoenix, actor, and 90s image
What an amazing person! I guess you can say I have a type. Deep, poetic and artistic?

Anthony Perkins

anthony perkins image anthony perkins image
Even though he played a psycho in Psycho, he's still one good looking cutie.

Jared Padalecki

Image by delinxent jared padalecki and supernatural image
A huge puppy with lots of love and kindness and talent. I just have a huge soft spot for him and his character Sam.

Keanu Reeves

keanu reeves image keanu reeves image
He's such an inspiration. He's just a really damaged, beautiful, kind soul with amazing advice for broken people.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun

guy, Hot, and twenty one pilots image bands, guys, and smile image josh dun, twenty one pilots, and tøp image bands, guys, and Hot image
There's no words to describe the love I have for these two. They've just helped me and so many other people, not just with their music, but with the support and care for their fans, making them feel part of something bigger. Their music is just like a warm embrace. And of course the hotness! I-/

Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gyllenhaal, smile, and boy image Image removed
The personality. The looks. The talent. Perfection!!!

...and last but definitely not the least...

James Dean

Image removed actor, cine, and blanco y negro image
He was in love with ancient philosophers, foreign painters, classic authors and musicians who have died long ago. He was passionate and complicated and mostly talented in so many things. He was beautiful and inspirational and ... I'm getting carried away.

It's a long article, containing useless information but I love sharing my adoration for beautiful, inspirational people.

Thanks for reading Xx