We can all agree to say that Gossip Girl was the best tv show EVER, so in honor, I decided to share with you my favorite quotes, enjoy!

1) Georgina

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Georgina Sparks was that bitch and gave us some iconic quotes that I think about every single day

2) Queen B

I already did a article dedicated to my favorite quotes of her, but Queen B deserves more than one article am I right ladies?

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I need to repeat this to myself every damn second
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I need this level of confidence
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Well, That's me bc I live in Paris and I'm always sad 'cause my life is a joke
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3) Chuck Bass

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And I'm 19 and broke lol what is my life
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LMAO bitch why is that me every day though
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this is iconic don't come for me

There are still like 51687 other iconic quotes from gossip girl so if you like this one i'll do another article!
Thank you for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed!