If I went to Ilvermorny! For those of you who don't know, Ilvermorny is the wizarding school in America.


Camilla (Cami) Violetta Masters

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My House


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Both the Horned Serpent and Wampus House wanted me, but I chose to be in Wampus and have always been happy with my decision because I feel like being part of this house has challenged me more than Horned Serpent would have. However, it took some time for my family to come to peace with my choice, as I come from a long line of Horned Serpents.


Spruce wood; Dragon heartstring core; 13 ¼" in length; Slightly Springy flexibility

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Sister: Juliet Masters

Due to my bravery in choosing to join Wampus over Horned Serpent, when my sister found her self in the same dilemma, she had the courage to follow in my footsteps in join Wampus. Her patronus is a dolphin. We knew this far before she conjured it because she was saved from a shark by a dolphin when she was very young.

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