Hello Dear Hearters !!!!

Goals to do this summer !!!!! 👙 🥗 🎾 🏖 🏝🏟 🎡 🎢 🎠

Drink more water.

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Spend more time outdoors.

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Read more often.

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Go to a state I’ve never been before.

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Get back to the gym at least 2x a week.

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Eat healthy.

food, fruit, and breakfast image diet, market, and eat image eat, food, and foodie image fitness, healthy, and food image
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Spend more time with your family.

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Try yoga or meditation.

fitness, yoga, and healthy image amethyst, boho, and chakra image beautiful, day, and girl image art print, books, and buddhism image
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Spend less time on the internet.

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Stop being lazy.

lunes and girl image Image removed asos, black, and boots image cat and cute image
quotes, wake up, and sleep image

Make Some Extra Money.

money, jeans, and theme image money, travel, and california image adventure, money, and travel image quotes, rich, and money image
gif, anime, and money image

Stress less.

smile, quotes, and worry image Image by arzu stress, quotes, and break up image quotes, stress, and anxiety image
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Help others.

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