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Everybody gets drunk for the wrong or right reasons sometimes even though I don’t think you can find a good reason for getting drunk. People say you can get drunk with love too but this is not the case. These past two years I was getting drunk and falling out of love. I can say that I’m at that point where love is a big and unreachable thing but sometimes when I drink I want to have somebody by my side. Not a friend like a boyfriend.

You can get drunk out of love not just with alcohol. There are a lot of things that can help you get over your stupid ex or a breakup. I learned this the hard way but after 6 months I found the right way. I was so angry and gym helped me a lot. I left all my negative energies there when I was running or lifting weights. And after I felt so chilled you have no idea. I didn’t even had the nerves to hurt a fly or scream at anybody. I found things that made me drunk while doing them and needed 1000 percent of myself to work on. I did drawing, coloring, crossovers, playing, reading, working, creating new DIY, new recipes, etc.

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Everything that you do that makes you feel complete and not needing that person again in your life is a good start for getting out of love. When everything negative is out of your way and you can focus on your good energy and getting back in your happy place you will be the best you have ever been, promise that.