So You Want A New Space

There comes a time in all our lives when we feel like we just need a change. A change of scenery. A change of venue. As we grow older, no matter your age, we need a place we can actually call our own. I don't know about you, but my bedroom is my haven and hiding place. No space in the house is more personal for you and no room will reflect your inner self more than your bedroom.

Bedroom makeovers are delicate things, thoughtful decisions, and must be approached as such. In this article I will give you a few tips and pointers on how to make that process as stress free as possible. It may require a tad bit of work on your part, but the outcome is totally worth the effort. Are you ready?

Decide Your Style

Before moving furniture, before throwing anything away, before enlisting a friend's help, decide what style you'd like your room to represent. Are you a casual person? A free spirit? Then maybe a BoHo Look is what you're going for. Maybe you like girly things with frills, bows and lace...Shabby Chic may be your style. If you prefer clean lines, no clutter and complete organization then you may want to think along the lines of contemporary or edgy modern. Do you have a color scheme in mind? Either way, it's a decision you HAVE to make BEFORE you start.

A Clean Slate

Aside from big pieces of furniture, empty your room. Strip the bed, remove things from shelves, dressers, desks, etc. You'll need some boxes to put these things in while you're working and stack the boxes just outside your room...out of sight. Once you've removed everything, clean the room. Dust what furniture is left, vacuum the floor and make sure you get under and behind furniture. Every room needs a good cleaning at least 4 times a year. Baseboards, corners, ceiling, all collect dust you may never see and it helps to reduce allergens to wipe them all down. Once you've finished...walk away. Yup. Walk out and go eat lunch, read a chapter in your book, make a phone whatever you want as long as you are away from the room for 30 to 45 minutes.

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Fresh Eyes

Welcome back! Looks like you've just moved in, doesn't it? It's amazing the things you can envision when there's nothing there to see. Now, look around the room and think to yourself...would that bed look better on that other wall? Is the room balanced? Your bed is the centerpiece and your room is made around that centerpiece. Make it shine by placing it in a spot that is visible as soon as you enter the room. Heavier pieces of furniture, like your dresser, should be placed opposite the bed on the opposite wall. This will balance the room...give it symmetry. Now you can decide on other furniture. Do you have a desk, a bookcase? Do you want a reading nook? In the rooms bare state you'll be able to envision those things and work from there.

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Placing the bed center of the wall you choose and the the dresser directly across on the opposite wall.

Desks and bookcases can be used or incorporated together in one area if you like. Or seperate them. It's what looks good to YOU. YOU are the one living in this room so make it worth living in.

Once you've decided and placed furniture pieces back where you'd like them you can begin the decorating process. Remember, this is a makeover and you're going for a different feel or vibe. Don't be afraid to try something, no matter how quirky it is.

Ways To Decorate Without Spending A Lot

  • Shop your own house. This may sound strange, but there may be things not in use in your home that can be used in your room! Check the attic, garage, shed. You can also ask your grandparents, if they're close, if you can peek in their attic or shed.
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  • Flea Markets and Garage Sales. You would be amazed at the really cool things people sell at these events. And for dirt cheap! Cheap is my middle name, so I'm all about a bargain. You may find a really cool chair for $10 that may need a little paint. You just got yourself a reading nook chair. Lamps? YES! Art? YEES! Trust me, you can find just about anything if you open your eyes.
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  • Dollar Stores. Yup. Inexpensive decor can be found every day at these places. One store everyone should have is a FiveBelow. Everything is $5 or below. They have a section just for rooms that includes things like banners, dream catchers, storage boxes and tins. They have colors. They have pillows. They have Faux fur! I'm not promoting here, but it's an affordable option for really cute decor.
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  • LetGo. LetGo is an app for your phone that you can use to find things people are getting rid of in your area. Some things are listed free! They just want someone to come get them. AND! There's Craig's List. They have a free section on their site loaded with all kinds of things. Use caution with Craig's List, please. Never meet anyone alone, don't give out your address. Meet in a public open place for all exchanges.
  • Need a headboard for your bed? Paint one on the wall! Low cost, stylish and you can make it look anyway you want! There are also decals out there that you can use to design a headboard. Just peel and stick!
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  • Carpeting is nice, but a Faux Fur rug is cheap and so posh! Etsy sells some cute area rugs that fit the bill.
  • Art is a must! Art should also be placed last in the room. Why? Because your walls will be screaming to fit in. There may be art that inspired your room design...use it on the wall! Make your own wall art! A canvas can be purchased cheap enough and a few tubes of paint. You don't have to be an artist to make art. And here's a trick for those of us who are really cheap. An erasable board. A BIG one, turned on it's side for length can be the very best canvas. Scribble colors on it, smudge it around a bit and voila! Art! And when you get tired of that picture you can do another!
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That, my friends, is an eraser board. Make your very own art!

Art can be found anywhere! Books, magazines, online, everywhere! Find what you like and frame it. Frames are only a dollar at some places, and the stores I mentioned earlier? They have art all day long for cheap. I LOVE cheap. Did I mention that?

  • Bedding can be expensive, however, reversible quilts and comforters are FABULOUS! I found a beautiful set for my room on Zulily for $39.95 and it came with decorative pillows!
  • Lamps and lighting. Use lamps when you don't want the harsh, bright light. It sets a mood for you and saves on power. 3 way bulbs are awesome for this...adjust to what you need. Strings of lights add style and glow. Affordable night lights!
  • Add personal things just for you. Are you a flower or plant lover? Use what's in season that can be found in your yard, a park, or roadside! I've done it. A vase with greenery or flowers makes things cozy.

There you have it. I apologize for the length of the article, but sharing my secrets is worth it. I hope you can take these tips and make something beautiful for yourself. Everyone needs a retreat from the rest of the house. Make it beautiful and make it yours.

Peace where you are!
~Song ♥