goals. that's probably something we talk about only at the beginning of the year. do we stick to it? let's be honest. NO. But why?
Setting a goal seems something so easy to do, but it's actually pretty complicated if we don't know the right way of doing it. And the first thing that we do, which is very wrong is waiting for the start of the new year, new year new life!, they say, but we forget that every day is precious, every day is a new opportunity to make our life better.

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The first question I have for you thought is, how do you set your goals? I used to be the kind of person to wake up 1 morning out of 10 telling myself "okay, today I'll change my life completely. I'll do this and this and this...." and after two hours I would even forget about what I planned to eat. So you got it, the first thing to do is getting a to do list, which probably is something you already used for a few days and the threw away, at least that's what I used to do but I finally found a way to use my to do list more effectively, Which I'll be sharing with you in this Chapter.

but first, how to set a goal?

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Generally when we set our goals we go like:
-lose 40 pounds
-save 500 dollars to spend in goodies and albums and concerts (we all did that at one point I'm sure)
-get better grades
-look human XD
And I mean, nothing is wrong with these goals but...why we can't stick to them?

The main reason is because these goals are too general and seem too big to accomplish. we like having goals and see the results immediatelly, because we got no time nor patience to wait, we're lazy, we got too many passions, too many groups to follow (active fangirl here), we are adulting out of our will and life is just too stressful to leave the bed when we don't have to.

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So a better way of setting our goals would be, being specific. Because each and every goal we have is a big deal. and as it's a big deal, why do we deal with multiple big deals?? The best way to start setting a goals is to actually chose one of those BIG GOALS and just focus on it. one goal at time will leave us with a lot of goals to live for, a lot of reasons to be, to keep holding on, to push forward and walk on ourselves.

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Bill Gates once said: people over estimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years, and that's because we want to do everything at once forgetting that we have a lot of time ahead to pursue all of our dreams.

So once you've choosen the goal that you want to work on, the next thing to do is ask yourself how long it will take you to reach that goal, BUT BE REALISTIC. If the goal is to lose 20 kilos and that you lose 2 kilos a week you can't tell yourself that you'll lose 20 kg in two weeks. Sit down and think, calculate, evaluate and set your mini goals. what are the mini goals? mini goals are things easier to achieve that keep you motivated to reach that one big goal you've set.
When you have set your weekly goals, there's one more question to ask yourself. what will help me to reach that one weekly goal? yes, exactly. not the ONE BIG GOAL but focus on that little one goal you've set for the week and write down a list of things that will help you to reach your weekly goal. example: drinking water first in the morning? cutting of soda? eating nutella once a week instead of everyday? (I'm obsessed with the losing weight example cause ya know the result of spending days in front of a drama).
Once you've got this list, every week add just one of these actions to your day,and without realizing it you'll be building habits in the most simple and efficient way.

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Now just to make things clear, There will always be that little voice inside telling you that you don't feel like it, and it's normal, you have the choice between listening to it or not. But when your goals are so little and easy to achieve you'll probably say NO to that voice on a easiest way.

The to do list tip: remember that when you're trying to achieve that goals, when you are trying to be productive, you're doing it for your well being. Don't stress yourself if you can't tickle all the things you've planned to do on that day. Do your best, and never forget that Tomorrow is a new start in which you'll be able to fit the remaining tasks.

Things that shouldn't be a goal.
Before finishing I wanted to make a point on our society today and what we perceive as important goals to pursue. NO ONE, Should ever see these following things as a goal.

-being cool
(by N.A.K)

you might think that I'm crazy, like why someone wouldn't want to have these in their life right? Well I never said you shouldn't be happy, It's just wrong trying to be happy, looking for happiness in something or someone outside of ourselves. It's wrong to seek for Acceptance in order to be cool, to go crazy about the number of followers we have on Instagram or twitter to let people know that we're popular. It's wrong to be part of the Gucci Gang even when our parents struggle paying their rent. It's wrong to pursue money and leave our social life and real goals behind. To seek excellence pushing ourselves into anxiety and depression. It's wrong to try and have an impact on the world when we didn't even start by working on ourselves.
That's why these should never be our goals. Our goal should be working on our unique selves, being us, which is something that no one can do for us. you being you and me being me is something that no one can exchange or replace, is something unique, you're something unique, and by setting as goal being a better you, all of those will come on the way. We all exist for a reason, we all have a goal in life, a purpose, we just have to work us in order to understand it, to find ourselves, to be happy and have a real impact on others but first of all on ourselves

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have a nice day, breathe gentle, don't skip your meals and love yoursef
love ya'll