I did a personality test (very complete) that really helped me to know who I am; the test is in French but you can find it right here:
it gives the results on a scale of 0 to 100.

sensitivity (impact of emotions) : 79/100
dynamism (initiative) : 47/100
emotional inertia (lifespan of an emotion) : 57/100 -> dependent on the past and the future imagined.
venus or mars : 52/100 (mars)
width of consciousness : 30/100 ( meticulous, organized)
thoughtfulness : 62/100 (interest in others)
greed: 54/100 (take care of yourself)
interest for the senses: 64/100 (alteraction to all that is of the order of sensation.
intellectual passion: 70/100

generic empathy: 72/100
emotional empathy: 79/100
cognitive empathy (ability to represent the emotional state of other) : 63/100
emotional contagion (sensitivity to the emotion of other): 74/100
emotional disconnect (regulatory and protective capacity against strong emotions) : 0/100 ( I laughed so much when I've seen this)

generic leader (demonstrate authority, group leader): 65/100
charismatic leader (natural and warm attitude): 58/100
egotism performance (desire to be the first by my talents) : 73/100
social egotism (purpose of being first by exploiting others): 33/100
economic egotism (will to be the best by the money): 48/100

anxiety generic (increased sensitivity to nothing) : 82/100
anxiety of the past (almost post-traumatic anxiety): 92/100
anxiety of the future (resistance to decision, combination of skepticism and apprehension): 94/100

generic apathy (difficulty moving from intention to action): 76/100
social apathy (idem in a context of relationships with other) : 28/100
apathy of perseverance (inability to initiate action and maintain action over time): 57/100

accomplishment of a task with order and rigor: 49/100
social organization with order and rigor: 71/100
order and measure above all, all the time and everywhere: 74/100
order and measure applied to oneself: 92/100

dynamic sociability: 43/100
natural sociability: 18/100
sociability of loneliness: 55/100
solitary assumed: 93/100

altruism of action: 78/100
compassion altruism: 52/100
compliant: 21/100
personal need for structure: 100/100

traces of mood disorders: important
traces of paranoid traits: negative
traces of schizoid traits: negative

I think now, you know me better! I hope you liked it!