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Biking has been part of my life since I was 6. I’ve always loved racing with the boys in the neighborhood and also winning. Of course I have fallen of the bicycle but nothing serious even though I got hurt pretty bad. Two weeks ago I decided to put my love for bike in another level.
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My Au pair family as going to Petzen for downhill and I said I want to try it to. The country trail was 12-13 km but I thought of course I can do it. Just don’t go too fast. The bicycle was not mine so at the beginning I was getting used to the breaks and how it worked.
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My heart was beating like the drum solo in a metal song, so hard I thought it was going to stop but I was talking to me you can do this just focus. It started and the first time I was always sitting on the bike because I was scared but only after I realized my ass would hurt a lot. During the curves I was focused and I was being very careful even though the others were flying but keeping in mind that I’m afraid of heights I did pretty well. Singing helped a lot because I couldn’t put headphones. Some moments I felt confident while the others I was trembling but this didn’t stop me from continuing. The boys asked me on each stop if I wanted to pause but I didn’t because I knew I could continue without needing every time to stop. I also thought that when a person asks for pauses every 5 min it’s a pain in the ass so I preferred to continue.
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At one point when I thought I was doing fine and I felt confident I fell. I crashed so hard my bike flied away from me. Two of the boys were 10 meters away from me so they heard me screaming so hard they came immediately. When I flied the left part of my body was numb. I was not feeling the area of my ribs and I couldn’t breathe. I was just screaming so much I was left breathless. I couldn’t breathe for a minute or so and I was desperate. After I told to myself try and breathe because you can’t die here. I was looking at the sky and it was too beautiful. Too many clouds and trees so I did chill a bit and breathed. One of the boys asked me where it did hurt and I did not bruise my ribs but I did my leg and my knees. He got my upper body up and helped me to breathe. After 3 minutes I got up and continued the trail.
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After that I was not afraid I got my ass up when I should and I biked faster. The whole time before I was afraid I would fall and when I did I said ok now let’s go for real. Of course I knew I would fall, it was my first time and I was scared but i loved the adrenaline it made me pump in my blood. It made me feel alive again.
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The one thing I want to tell through this story is that when you fall you get up, you don’t lose time complaining or crying because no one wants to hear that. You should be strong and prepared for everything in life and you shouldn’t let anything or anyone ever put you down. The only person who should believe in you is you so please do believe in yourself sooner as possible. When I finished the trail I was happy and proud because even though my body hurts I did finish it. This happened yesterday and my body still hurts but I know it will recover fast because my temple is stronger than to let a storm destroy it.