Hello little angels! ❁
I hope you are enjoying the summer and you are having fun.
The topic I want to talk to you about today is confidence.
Very often I hear girls complaining about how they are or continually comparing themselves with other girls who consider "more beautiful" or "better than them in something". But this is not true.
Each of us is special, in any way we can be special. I know that this kind of sentence you have already heard, but how many people really are impressed in the mind?
So today I want to tell you some very simple tips on how to feel at ease and with more confidence. Have fun reading!

➴ Never compare yourself with others

Basic rule and above all! I know it can be difficult many times, but you must always remember that comparing yourself to others will not change or improve you. Most of the time you compare yourself with others only on superficial things like beauty or talent for something. But how can you know if that person is smarter than you, kind of you or simply more sympathetic than you? Do not compare only the sides that seem to you negative about yourself, always think that nobody is perfect and above all no one is better than you.

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➴ Be yourself without thinking about the judgment of others

When you want to do something or say something, do it. You do not always have to think about what to say to people just to please others or to be silent for fear of being judged. When you repeat in your head and fix the phrase "I am this, I can like or not, I do not care, I am happy with what I am", everything is adjusted and put in your favor. As if by magic, people stop judging you and, if they do, you do not care because you will be too happy with yourself. Seeing is believing!

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➴ Grow your passions and show off your talent

If you're good at something - whether it's in sports, in music, in art, in the studio - let it be seen, brag about it! Do not be afraid to show your skills. Maybe it will not be of interest to everyone, but it will be a talent that many will love. Grow as many passions as you can, everything you like. You could discover many talents that you do not yet know you possess and this will strengthen your confidence in yourself.

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➴ Care for your skin and your body

Taking care of yourself and not neglecting yourself is one of the first steps to feeling more confident about yourself. Eat well, especially foods that can make you shine your skin, do some sport, put on some make-up, can transform your mood and your appearance.

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For now it's all angels.
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Let me know, I hope it helped you. ♡

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Greta M. Z