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Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about my BAC (french finals) predictions which was basically an article where I tried to predict the grades I'd get on my finals. If you haven't read the article then I advise you to do it quickly before I will be mentioning it a couple of times. Also, the article where I explained everything about how my finals unfold is also something you should read if you're interested in this article.

Here are the links to both articles, hope you enjoy them.

I'm not someones who usually enjoys sharing my grades, but I've worked really hard this whole year and I do believe it's okay to share my success.

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1. My finals

I am happy to say that my finals are oficially over (they've been over for a while now) and that I got my grades four days ago. I worked really to succeed and so did many other students, but most results of the class were actually quite bad. Aside from that I can say that those who worked hard got the results that they deserved while others who did nothing barely passed.

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I must say these exams are not something I wish to repeat, they were especially draining and with my health issues it was a very difficult journey. The exams took place during two weeks in which I had to wake up at 6 AM to get there and sit my exams. The experience was okay, mostly because after every exam I got the support of my mother and family in general, but without those things I don't know what I would have become.

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I can easily say that the stress we were under was definetely not ealthy for students and that it penalized our results and general performance. Anyway, I'm glad that this examination process will be gone in a couple of years because gambling your future based on a couple of days seems stupid and uneffective.

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2. My grades

As I've said before, the exam was hard and took a lot of energy, but I am proud of my results and this is why I decided to share them. Please refrain from hating. I am aware that for some people these grades will seem low, but for me they are the reason why I'm going to college on September.

  • My overall grade in PE was a 14 out of 20 which is what I expected.
  • My overall Spanish grade (written and oral) was a 20 out of 20 which definetely exceeded my expectations (I thought I'd get a 16 or 17).
  • My overall English grade (written and oral) was an 18 out of 20 which is within my expecations.
  • My philosophy grade was a 10 out of 20 which is worse than what I expected (thought I'd get an 11) but I'm still satisfied about it.
  • My overall science/biology grade was a 16 out of 20 which is also less than the 17 I was expecting, but since it's just one point less I'm going to let it slide.
  • My overall Physics/Chemistry exam grade was a 14 out of 20 which is one point below what I expected but still good enough for me.
  • I'm not really good at maths (awful really) so I expected to get an 8 out of 20 but instead I got a 9 so I guess that means I exceeded my own expectations.
  • My overall history/geography grade was a 12 out of 20 which is also less than what I expected but since the exam was really hard I feel satisfied with the result.
  • My catalan (local language) grade was an 18 out of 20 which is way more than what I expected.

And putting all these grades together I basically graduated with a mentions Bien and 14.13 out of 20 which is slightly below my expectations but considering how hard the exam was I am okay with it.

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Anyway, I hope this article somehow inspired you to study and to do better, just remember that your physical and mental health does matter, even during exam time. Also, my heart is with those who are still passing the BAC (France metropolitaine, I am with you).
- Dahiandra