sometimes only paper will
listen to you.

So I could never keep up with a journal myself but there are so many reasons to try anyway.

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  • organisation
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Important parts of journaling are mood-/habittrackers and calendars. They really help to improve your daily life.
  • inspiration
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You can sketch and write, add some pictures, use diffrent fonts and colors to make your journal look beautiful. Also, journaling is a great way to collect ideas and inspiration.
  • education
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This ones not about school stuff. Wether you write down quotes, you collect new vocabulary or recepies, through journaling you can learn new stuff you actualy need in your life.
  • motivation
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By seeing what you already reached and how beautiful your journal is looking you´ll feel motivated to keep going. Also you can add pages in your journal where you track your goals (education, traveling, ...) and collect motivational quotes.
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