Long time ago i made article about sad songs

and i know it's been 84 years for new part of songs, who made me feel sad or songs with sad vibe.

I hope you will enjoy it and i HOPE these ''Sad Song'' series will continue.

X Ambassadors - Unsteady

Lyrics image boy, city, and man image band, unsteady, and x ambassadors image home, Lyrics, and quote image
,,If you love me don't let go...''

Kodaline - Love Like This (Acoustic Version)

Lyrics, music, and love like this image alternative, indie, and music image Lyrics, music, and love like this image kodaline, love, and music image
,,I know a love like this won't last forever but I don't really mind... I don't really mind at all...''

Alessia Cara - River Of Tears

frases, music, and quotes image apple, artist, and canada image broken, feelings, and Lyrics image alessia cara image
,,I realize that sometimes life brings you flowers...''

Andrew Belle ft. Erin Mccarley - In My Veins

quote, veins, and broken image music, andrew belle, and in my veins image goodbye, sad, and andrew belle image Mature image
,,Oh you're in my veins, and i cannot get you out...''

Mree - Lift Me Up

pretty girl, lift me up, and mree image listen, music, and recommend image love, couple, and hug image summer, Dream, and life image
,,You come around and make the seasons change, You come around and leave the way you came, You come around and wipe my tears away, You make me wanna give my heart away...''

Thank you! It will continue...

Victoria Pakalne
Victoria Pakalne