Heyo it's Chari! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

This account is supposed to show multiple ways to being a thick(plus size girl).

Always be confident! No matter how hard it usually is, why not try to compliment your body every morning! Doing so will not only help boost your confidence but it will also show how comfortable you are with yourself.

Second!: Wear things that always show off your curves. Doing so can show off how comfortable you are with yourself. Wear something that's approiate but at the same time will show you how comfortable you are. Now if you feel as if you aren't curvy, you can always show off what ya mama gave ya!

Third: Now you may be wondering " Chari, what do you mean wear something that shows off your curves/body?". I mean wear things like a really long dress or a jumpsuit. Go with a friend to see how they like it or ask an employee to help you with what they might think looks good on you.

Fourth: Picking something out can usually be really hard. Espically when it comes to patterns and styles. Try wearing stripped or floral styles first when it comes to anything.

Last but not least: This is very off topic, but when you're trying something new with your style, do something with your hair,nails, or something different with yourself.

Now that's all for tonight! Always remember POP(Pretty on Purpose). I wish all ya'll a good night. Thanks for reading!