Hey hearters!!

This is my first ever written article on WeHeartIt and I have been thinking for a while now what topic I should write about and after some time now I’ve finally figured to write to you about choosing your career. As such after graduating from High School still being young and not sure what you want to study here are a few tips on how to find out your future career:

Step 1: Self assessment
Before making any choice and jumping to conclusions on any career choice, first learn about yourself. You should know your own values, personal interest, skills your good at, and which combination with some certain personal traits, this will make some careers fit you and other to be unsuitable.

Step 2: List of your thoughts selected occupations to explore
Find out information of the career as an occupation and ask family and friends on what their thoughts are about it. In order to reduce some career options, tick the ones that you have considered previously and they are appealing to you. Write them separately in order to explore them. Look at the job description, job outlooks and earnings.

Step 3: Goals setting
The career that you finally choose, begin to set main goals. A plan will enable you to make some decisions on how to achieve and pursue the goals. Spend some time to acquire the knowledge needs, & career growth required.

Step 4: Work hard
Enable new skills being taught with the career been chosen.

Step 5: Be dedicated
Always be dedicated to what you want to do and motivation is the key. Include people in your life that always help you and support you, get rid of negative people who tend to come out jealous and who put you down. Always make sure to enjoy your course chosen as a career and always achieve your goals.