Hi everybody, girls and boys this is my first article soo i hope that you like it. (I don't know how to do this, i'm improvising)

Fact 1
i´m from Colombia, South America :)

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You don't know how much i love my country <3

F 2
my name is Aliss and i´m going to become 15 years old in three months

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Fact 3
the zodiac signs make me curious so i read constantly about them, but the ones that according to your sign your personality is reflected, I don't know :p

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i am libra.

Fact 4
i like kpop. Before i was a multifandom but right now i´m just loving and supporting SHINee.

SHINee, Jonghyun, and key image Jonghyun, key, and kibum image SHINee, key, and Onew image fashion, Jonghyun, and key image
If you dont know them i really recommend that you listen to because i know that you will find that song that make love all of them. They are that good.

Fact 5
my favorite tv shows are Supernatural, Once Upon a Time & The Walking Dead

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Fact 6

i love to dance and probably i'm going to join to a dance academy. But also i would like to learn how to rap haha :3, i'm crazy.

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Fact 7
my favorite colors are literally everyone, just look at them, they are precious. I can't choose just one. :3

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Fact 8
i really enjoy and makes me happy to make someone else laugh

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Fact 9
i like to meet new people so if you wanna be friends feel wild and free to send me a message haha :v

Fact 10
i almost forget it, i don't know how :v.
Buuuut i'm in love with the food :3, the best of all is that i can not get fat haha.

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i get hungry :).

i love animals (i actually have a bulldog), watch and read about conspirancy cases,sleep all morning, and my goal is to travel the world dancing.

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don't tell that the animals is not the best thing that God made.

i wish that you liked it, i love you, thanks and sorry if I made a mistake with my English, as you saw, it's not my mother tongue.