Hello guys, thank you so much for reading my articles and showing some love! In this article I will talk about a problem that people are assuming its normal nowadays and it shouldnt be.

I assume that when you get into a relationship with someone is because you are a hundred percent sure that you love that person, that he or she fills you up like no one else could ever do it, that you trust them, that makes you the happiest person alive. Am I right? If I am right, tell me... Why cheating on your partner is so normal nowadays? Why cheating on your partner is so normal nowadays? IT'S NOT NORMAL! We need to stop making it seem normal, why? because people are being hurt for loving someone with all their heart, for loving someone who swore to never hurt them. Then, I see people justifying this action by saying "it was a mistake"... HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE FOR IT TO BE A MISTAKE? Its not a mistake, is a decision. Its someone making the decision to risk true love for a few minutes of pleasure, its someone who does not love its partner as much as they say, its making the decision not to care about what the other person might feel. And being honest, in that love or pleasure triangle, there´s 2 possible persons that will get hurt... and none of them is the person that made the decision to cheat. Do people really understand what kind of hell is to know you were cheated on? Its the worst kind of hell losing yourself for someone´s else choice, most of the times you end up losing yourself because it makes you feel like you were never enough for your partner, it makes you feel like none of the things that you did were enough and it wont ever be. People that were cheated on get through a huge emotional crisis, you wish to go back in time hoping you´d notice when everything started falling apart in your relationship and you wish you could fix it. Why? Because the other person made you feel it was all your fault, that if you gave them what they wanted this would have never happened. And let's not forget about the 3rd person in this triangle... first of all, I have a believing that when you let yourself in this kind of situations, something is wrong with you... If you know the other person is cheating on their partner just for some pleasure, tell me how much love do you have for yourself and where is your dignity? If you love yourself, you would never be part of a situation like this. Let me just ask a simple question, if that person is cheating on someone because of you but at the end of the day you are still the other person, the one that he or she hides of everyone else, do you really think you are being loved by yourself and that person?

I could never be able to handle the fact that I am the reason why someone is cold and does not believe in love anymore.