This is how i see myself in 10 years


study, books, and college image book, study, and candle image Image removed coral, reef, and mar image
I expect to go to university and study marine biology


Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel graduation image
After 4 years of career and 2 years of marine biology I will graduate


Louis Vuitton, luxury, and building image travel, italy, and photography image mallorca, summer, and cala image travel, world, and country image
I will take advantage of the summers of those years to travel and in one of them i will go as an au pair


Image removed amazing, beautiful, and dolphins image summer, sea, and ocean image chemistry, laboratory, and material image
I wanna work in some association dedicated to the preservation of marine flora and fauna


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Living in Australia was always my dream and it's a good place to start and work at the job I want