WE have all had that moment where we don't feel like doing anything even though we have a huge pile of things that needs to get done.

We really want to do buuuuuuut there is no will power.

Lack of motivation.

It is such a depressing feeling where we find ourselves lost.

aaaaaannnnnd this feeling is quite very normal.

So i am listing few methods that help me,

I wouldn't say methods. its more like things i have observed myself do when i'm all sloppy.

even though i have this whole lot of things to do and am i really don't have the will to do but i really want to get them done! you know that feeling! its so depressing like i want to take a relaxing time but then i want to get this thing that i have to work on done. its like the middle of cant do that or this. so what i found out is that. when am feeling so not motivated i let it happen. i take some time and move. No. Dont just sit there you gotta move. and while I am moving at the back of my mind I starts to put myself down. That is the point where relaxation time stops and you get back to whatever you should be doing.

I cannot tell you how much writing has helped in this situation. Basically your mind is cluttered and you have lots and lot of thoughts that are just bombarding you and you wouldn't know what to do. What we would obviously want in that moment is to get those thoughts out of our mind. And writing them down is such an effective way. Its like conveying everything to someone. Not typing. Writing. Trust me it does wonders. So when you are writing you are not exactly procrastinating even though you are not doing something you should be doing but you are putting in a creative replacement rather than just lazying.
While writing down your every single thoughts or whatever is going through your mind trust me something will trigger and you will get back to what you should be doing.

When you are so not in the mood doing small things actually spike everything. Like cleaning your room or doing laundry or anything that you put aside because of other things you had to do. Do those and It will make you feel so productive and that will kick start you feeling happy again.

It is a very easy way to let a positive reinforcement in to your brain when you are down and about. And obviously I usually wouldn’t even feel like listening to motivational talks at that time but then we will never feel like doing anything. So do the basic stuff which is FORCE MYSELF.

Like I said earlier you gotta move, sitting there isn’t really going to help at all. So you have to move it could be just in your living room or could go for a walk outside just basically move. Exercising is a great way.

And finally on the things I do when am so not motivated is to
I am only human, and I would obviously feel down and there isn’t anything wrong with it. It is not procrastinating if you are stepping out to cool down. Respect yourself and nobody can be all happy and hyper and productive 24/7. There will be those days where nothing is going according to your wish or you be complete slop. And that is okay. Respect yourself and don’t be hard on yourself. Make a cup of coffee (which isn’t good for your body but hey I need to kick start my mind) and relax .

you need to realize when you cross the cool down process to procrastinating.

When you search for an answer on how to feel motivated you already took the first step that you know that you need to do something about it.

So Its completely in your hands on what you want to do.

when you are feeling down instead of focusing on all the things that is wrong with you or things that are not okay or not going according to your wish. Force yourself to think of everything that you have! The list will be endless.

we don't see the good because we are not focusing on the smaller things. Be grateful that you have food to eat. for the morning coffee/tea.

You are alive.
You are healthy
Someone loves you.
Very, very, very much.
The Northern Lights exist.
Someone smiled at you today.
Being unhappy is a waste of time.
You can afford at least a meal a day.
someone thinks about you without you knowing.
You’re about to fall in love like never before.
You have safe, pure, clean drinking water.
There’s something you can do better than anyone.
Nobody can ever be you or a better version of you.
The list is literally endless....

Remember every feeling that you have was chosen by you.

For those who wish to have a better life i strongly suggest watching AMY LANDINO's videos in YouTube. This article is completely inspired by Amy Landino.

Thank you and always keep your head held high. because baby the crown will slip if you look down.