English is not my first language so please forgive any mistakes, also that's my first article so I'll keep simple by now.

Today I'm going to write about the women of my time that really inspire me, more especif from US. In anything like feminism, body positive, working hard, eating healthy, fashion, being nice, taking care of people that I care and about myself.

halsey, blue, and neon image grunge, tumblr, and halsey image halsey, disney, and pink image halsey and ashley frangipane image
icon, icons, and bea miller image idol, bea miller, and mv image aesthetic, idol, and bea miller image happiness, happy, and idol image
Bea Miller
aesthetic, fashion, and tumblr image charli xcx image charli xcx image icon, tumblr, and charli xcx image
Charli XCX
ariana grande, sweetener, and ariana image ariana grande, vogue, and ariana image Image by moonlight_Bae♡ ariana grande, icon, and ariana image
Ariana Grande
fashion and style image gorgeous, shades, and selfie image beauty, girl, and hailey sani image fashion, leather jacket, and mini dress image
Hailey Sani (the last one lol)
gorgeous, insta, and la image nil sani image beauty, fashion, and girl image adventure, gorgeous, and hair image
Nil Sani (yes, they're sisters)
Image by lana_4 Image by bluestarxxx zendaya image meme, tomdaya, and reaction image

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