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1. Decide

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Although it sounds logical, it's necessary to emphasize that this first step is fundamental for everything that will come later. Once you know you want to travel, the adventure really starts.

2. Take advantage of offers

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If you buy the tickets in the low season or just after the holiday periods, it's very likely that you will pay less.

3. Set an approximate time

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Traveling during a week is not the same as traveling for a month or a year. There is a fact that not many people know and that traveling at a calm pace and for a long period is cheaper than a quick and brief trip.

4. Search for accommodation options

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It's not all about finding hotels. There are many options for sleeping without paying a lot or even not spending a single penny as hostels, shared dorms, with friends who live in the destination, families that host travelers on their sofa, camping where the place allows or renting a room or apartment if you go for several days.

5. Sometimes the street is better

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Much is said about the precautions that must be taken when dealing with street stalls, but if something is true in practice is that some of the best kept jewels of local culinary art are stored precisely in those places. Restaurants tend to be much more expensive, so when you find a place full of locals, don't miss the opportunity to discover a new flavor at an affordable cost.

6. Choose how you want to move

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During the time you are traveling, you'll be constantly deciding between walking, hitchhiking, traveling by bus, using public transport or if you want to save time and travel by train or plane, although it'll be more expensive.

7. There are alternatives to tourism

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A good way to keep traveling longer is with work visas abroad for specific periods, with which you can work and save cash for the next destination. Another option is through volunteering where you not only know different places, but also learn more about local customs.

8. The bike has its charm

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If you don't want to walk all the time but not spend everything in the collective, the bicycle is an excellent alternative to know places at your own pace and with absolute freedom at low cost.

9. Beware of the exchange rate

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Avoid changing money at airports because it's more expensive. If you wait to get to the cities, it's better to go straight to an exchange house or if you have a credit card, ATMs usually give better change.

10. Search for free events

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Research the calendar of cultural events and activities at no cost at local tourist offices or on local government websites.

11. Take a device to connect

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A mobile phone, tablet or laptop will help you stay in touch with your loved ones and get useful information during the trip. Generally the hostels, cafeterias, libraries and some public places have free wifi.

12. Leave the souvenirs

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It's always nice to know that someone reminds us of being away, but I assure you that your friends and family will understand that any type of memory you buy is expensive and takes up space.

13. Travel during the night

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If you will make a long journey by bus or train, it is best to travel at night to save on accommodation and time.

14. Keep an open mind

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The fascinating thing about being on the road is that everything can happen. Travel with a curious look and a willing heart to live the adventure of your life.

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