Hi, guys, I've been out for a few days and I was really missing doing articles here, so I hope you all like it.

I'm 20 years old.

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I love reading and my favorite books are Eleanor & Park (I love Rainbow Rowell), Hush Hush, Maze Runner and Mara Dyer trilogy.

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I love a lot of colors and my favorites include red, rose gold, orange and yellow.

I have a lot of dreams and without them I can't live. For now, what I wish the most is to travel abroad.

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Everyday start with:
Complain about the present and future.

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Sunflower and roses.

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Work with a thing that I love, get into humanity things, write a book, see life through a different perspective...

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I'm 1,70cm. I'm really tall, but unfortunately not pretty enough to become a model.

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In love with:
The cold wind on my face and my family.

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I'm doing Pedagogy at college and I like it so much, but my dream was to become a marine biologist. So I'm between those two.

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I really want to have kids. 2 to be more specific, but I don't know if I will adopt or not and It's really early in my opinion to think about it.

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Last thing I ate:
And apple and some grapes.

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Magic power I want:
I would love to read other people's mind.

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Number of siblings:
I have 3 siblings. 2 Brothers and a sister. I'm the youngest.

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I love this rock vibe, but with this sexy addition.

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Art, fantasy, animals, series, indie rock music, learning new things, dance and create new worlds.

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I am always questioning the origin of everything, the point of being here and some theories of conspiracies. (I'm kind of weird, I know).

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Reasons to smile:
My nieces and nephew and cool moments like going to concerts, belly hurting because I can't stop laughing...

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I love winter, because of the cold wind and It's when I feel more comfortable (I live in Brazil so we don't have snow) and I love autumn too, because of the color and the flowers.

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I never travelled abroad, but my dream is to visit Australia, Greece, Italy, England, France, USA and a lot of other countries.

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Underwater animal:

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Vacation place:
Maybe I'll go to the Republic of Cape Verde in Africa. First trip abroad? I'm too excited!!

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Worst habit:
When I like something I get really addicted and go ahead to this thing for months and I don't think in anything else. It's kind intense.

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X-men favorite character:
Jean Grey.

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Your favorite food:
Pizza is my true love!!

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Zodiac sign:
I'm a proud Scorpio.

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I got inspired by those amazing articles:

I hope you enjoy it. See you all in the next article.