بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

June : Journey [Restart]

When the air tastes like honey and the sun shines like gold. A storm had just rolled in and out, leaving the day to smell like rain.
June. Oh, June, you’re beautiful & that will never change.
(June ; excerpt)

It's almost mid of the year. You can use this mid point to reset and restart. Restart your journey towards what you want ; What you want to become & what you want to do in life ?

Be Different

When I was a kid,I wanted to be different. I don't know exactly why? but may be because I felt as a kid that people notice different, people like different; the stories we read, the news we watch even the cartoons. Everyone talks about different. I never tried to figure out who am I ? I just wanted to be Different and Unique. The struggle was painful and futile.

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If you're different than others,Be different. If you're acceptable for others, Be Acceptable. The Most important thing is , Be You wherever you're.

I believe we all are different differently from each other but one should not try to become different. Just be who you're.

Be Acceptable

After a close glimpse of the our great society, I realized people don't like different. Most of them get scared,other will just gossip or ignore.

Unfortunately people often get scared or angry when they don't understand something special and unique.

So,I tried to become acceptable, I tried & tried hard and trust me it hurted me the most. Shortly after I felt that I can't do that. It's not what I'm and I will never be able to who I'm not whether it's real life or social media.

We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves. Malcolm X

Be You

Rather than being taught to accept ourselves, we were trained to make ourselves socially acceptable. And whenever we fail, we suffer inside. George Robinson
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So then I decided to be ME without any hesitation and without any fear. I'm perfectly imperfect and I know it very well. I am working on myself and I will keep working on myself for myself. I also know a lot of people will not accept me as I am and they will judge me, criticize me or may be they will try to hurt me more than I can imagine. But I will not be afraid cause I have Almighty with Me.

I am who I'm
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The reason, I'm sharing this with you, is if you're suffering, please don't. Be who you're and Be content with who you are. Try to improve yourself wherever you're lacking but don't change or hide yourself. You will never be able to become someone you're not and at the same time you will lost yourself.

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Condition Applies, Be who you're or who you want to become but don't hurt anyone ( all the living beings are included )

Be Yourself & Spread Love