It is assumed that in life you must learn to never trust someone as much as I did with you.

And now, my voice is too broken, and when your memory goes through my mind, giving me two sensations, it is something strange, I am sweetly with bitter reminding you, and your memory only makes the tears give a permission to leave without me having allowed it mixing in this devastating rain.

I can remember when I spoke to you with my soul, when in any word I entrusted everything to you, I remember when I saw you having more contacts, I remember that you were happy.

And I remember your excuses, each one, I'm not a person who takes things to heart in pride, but I always try not to let anyone see how fragile I am, I lied to you when I said when I told you everything was fine, I was not , I knew all of those excuses, and many more like those, you're not the first to do it and decimate them, and I know you will not be the last.

When I received a message from you, all I did was get excited, at last I would talk to you again.

Yes, I am something in need of love.

I just miss when we truly talk and not only were you apologies.
I'm not too good at this friendship issue either, because when I surrender, I always hurt or I'm hurt, I did not want to hurt you, however, it seems that everything went the other way.

And I also remember when at night, I asked myself, did I do something wrong? Could it be that this was why he does not answer me? Will she be busy?

I also remember that when no one else was there and I could only trust you, and I never got an answer, ask me
Why I'm alone? Will I be too selfish? Presumed? Why do I always need someone there for me whenever I need someone?

And I cried so much for you, every day I asked myself what was really wrong with me.

I realized i should forget you when i was whising more a sweet lie on your part, rejecting the bitter truth, i was blinding myself and that only would take me on the most painful place where i have already been.