Hey Guys,

On the 16th of June (2018), I reached 10k followers. 10K!!! I want to thank all of you who are following me, it means so much to me having so many of you supporting my writing and canvas.

I was completely surprised when I reached 5000 followers but 10,000 is mind blowing to me.

Currently, I have 101 collections. 38,102 hearts. 609 posts.

I joined We Heart It on the 1 of August 2014 and fell in love with it and the community surrounding this app. I love inspiring and motivating people with my writing and pictures. Two things I love combined in one. So I am so unbelievably happy with how many supporters I have, I never thought I would get this far :)

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A few of my hearts and articles from my canvas. :)

Thank you, again, to all my followers :)