Hey everyone this is your lazy lady here. I'm makin' an article today ( bc someone use one of the image I've post ). I truly got inspired by her article and I wanted to do the same. Go follow her, her name is @_ramos08

So now let's get started !

1. Would you have sex with someone of your same sex ?
Maybe , except if she has STD. It would be weird but I would be down...

2. What do you think about you ?
I'm special. Most of the time, i'm happy but when I'm frustrated, don't even come around.

3. What has been your most shameful experience ?
Umm.... maybe when I've told my crushes that I loved them

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4. Have you had any addiction?
Nope otherwise, I'll be dead

5. What have you been the worst thing you've done being drunk ?
I've nerver been drunk. Next question !!

6. What do you like most about yourself ?
My nails and my lips

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7. What score would you give from 1 to 10 ?
Maybe a 6

8. What is the worst thing you've done for love ?
Umm... I've been addicted to him. I wanted to be his type...

9. What is your latest Google search ?
how we write desert

10. What's the weirdest thing you've done in bed ?
... well, i'm not gonna say this one it's too personnal

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11. What is the craziest thing you've done ?
Well I've done worst than that but people told be that it's gross to eat and oreo with ketchup in it ( I was 10 so... )

12. Have you fantasized about someone of the same sex ?
Well, to be honest, no but maybe I don't remember

13. How was your worst date ?
What date ? I've never had one

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14. What's your worst secret ?
I feel like nobody understand me, so I fake myself

15. Who rejected you for the last time ?
Umm.. let's see, my aunt and my sister

16. Would you have an open relationship ?
Hell nah. My man is MY man

17. What's the weirdest thing you've done being alone ?
Maybe talkin' with myself or something like that

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18. If you could kill someone without being discovered would you ?
Someone that made me cry several times

19. Have you vomited in public ?
I don't think so..

20. Do you have a good relationship with your parents ? Why not ?
My mom : Maybe 59/100
My dad : 40/100 ( I don't really know him )

21. Who did you say "I love you" for the last time ?
Well, maybe my mom

22. Do you regret anything ? About what ?
Alot of things I wanted to do but I was either too shy or not enough brave ( even though I am brave )

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23. Are you insecure ?

24. What is your state of love ?
Like a desert... as always

25. How do you want to die ?
Very late, at maybe 120 years old of oldeness ( ← do we say that )

26. What was the last thing you ate ?
A popsicle

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27. Do you bite your nails ?
No more, I used too whe I was 10

28. Have you ever slept more than 12 hours ? Why ?
No I don't so

29. Do you like someone ?
To be honest, I don't know. I kinda love him but sometimes, he's an asshole

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30. Do you miss someone ? Who ?
Yup ! my bestfriends

31. Have you ever kissed anyone in a bathroom ?
Why ? Why is the bathroom is a popular place to kiss ? Just tell me !!!

32. Would you go back in time if you could ? What time ?
Yeah maybe in the time of when Micheal Jackson was still alive ( btw, tomorrow will made 9 years of his death ) or MLK ( martin luther king for the people who don't understand )

33. Have you embarrassed anyone in public ?
Yeah my mom ... many times...

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34. Do you miss someone from your past ? Who ?
My grand-father, my uncle and my aunt

35. Have you broken someone's heart ? How did it go ?
Yeah, I've broken so many hearts

36. Have you ever been unfaithful ? How did you know ?
Yeah I've broke many promesses

37. Have you made your partner cry ?
Which partner ?

38. Does anyone love you ?
God, my family, my friends, many more people and myself ( myself 'cause i'm the queen ; don't believe what I say )

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39. Do you have a problem of trust?
Yeah alot

40. What was the last dream you had ?
I don't remember ! Ugh.. but I remember what I've dreamt of there's like 2 nights ago

41. Who was the last person you cried in ? Why were you crying ?
My oldest sister, 'cause she stole the computer from me

42. Do you give second chances ?
Depends on who is the person

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43. Is it easier to forget or forgive ?
Forget ...it's the thing I do the most

44. How old were you when you gave your first kiss ?
5 or 6 y/o

45. Do you trust your partner/BF ?
Which one ? I don't have any

46. Have you ever been arrested ?
No but I wish I had. It would be cool

47. What is your height ?
5 foot or for other people 1m53 ( yeah I know I'm small )

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48. Do you think everything goes through something ?
I don't really understand the question so i'll go with yes

49. What was the last thing you did before you went to bed last night ?
I've talked with my little sister

50. Is being unfaithful okay ?
No, bitch if someone is unfaithful to me, I'll kill him ( just jockin' )

51. Are you rude ?
Bitch, it's my second name

53.Do you believe in true love ?
Yeah,even if it's a person or an object, it's still your true love

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54. Do you want to marry ?
Bitch, since i'm a child I've waited for that moment

55. Would you change your name ? Why ?
Yeah because I've been bullied with it. But I don't want to either, it'll be like i'm starting a new story and I don't wanna do that

56. Do you kiss again to the last person that you kiss ?
No.. why would I ?

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57.What do you do if you discover that you like to your bf ?
idk ( I just didn't understand that question )

58. Do you believe in the soul mates ?
Yeah ! It just take you alot of time

59.Would you die for someone ?

60. How many times a day do you take a bath ?
Like 1 time per week ( don't worry, I clean myself it's just that I can't use the water for myself only we're 4 ladies living under the same roof )

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