As fans we pretend to know everything about the ones we admire, because we've seen them grow in front of the cameras, we feel their music, we feel like we're part of their lifes, but all of this can get out of control.

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I've seen so many hate towards girls and boys, fans send dead threats, snake emojis, they body shame the person... Please stop being childish and have some respect, they are human. You don't even know them AT ALL to judge them.

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I find it really hypocrite to care about people who has been bullied when you're doing the exact same thing... don't you notice all of this can lead to depression, anxiety, anorexy, bulimia and many other health issues?
Please, it's their life, not yours. It is ok if you support them a lot, but you cannot decide who they date, kiss, marry or love. Yes, it's your opinion, but if it's not respectful, better keep quiet.