I'm doing a series of TV Shows challenges, so check them and the other challenges here:

Friends is the biggest TV Show out there and never gets old. I've watched like 6 times and will probably watch it again!

⒈ Favorite female character.

Image by BJ.
Phoebe. She just cracks me up everytime.

⒉ Favorite male character.

friends, chandler bing, and 90s image
Chandler. His sarcasm and reactions are everything

⒊ With which character do you feel identified the most?

friends, slut, and rachel image friends image
Rachel bc of almost everything but also with Monica because of some attitudes, like being "bossy" and making people respect her "everything has to be the way I like".

⒋ Favorite couple?

Temporarily removed

⒌ Favorite character's style?

Jennifer Aniston, rachel green, and friends image
Her clothes are hair in every season are GOALS.

⒍ Funniest scene?

90's, funny, and phoebe buffay image
When Ross was about to find out about Monica & Chandler so Phoebe and Rachel distract him jumping of "excitement about the new apartment"

⒎ Saddest scene?

friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and rachel image
Every scene from the last episode.

⒏ If you could be any character, who would you be?

friends, rachel, and funny image

⒐ Favorite season?

friends, Joey, and 90s image
Maybe season 1 or 2

⒑ Least favorite character?

friends, pain, and ross image
Ross, sometimes I find him so annoying.

⒒ Favorite friendship inside the group?

friends, Joey, and phoebe image
Joey and Phoebe's

⒓ Favorite episode?

friends, phoebe buffay, and rachel green image friends, funny, and Halloween image
The One with the Embryos or The One with the Halloween Party

⒔ Favorite character outside the group?

90s, chandler bing, and couple image

⒕ Favorite quote?

friends, rachel, and funny image
It's just one of the many.

⒖ Central Perk or Monica's apartment?

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Monica's place

Hope you've enjoyed it, and if you haven't watched Friends yet, what are you waiting for???

Here's to a long life like Friends' success