Hey, you!
Yeah, you reading this article.
I just wanted to let you know that it's okay. All of it.

Nobody knows what you're going through. It's most certainly painful for you.

But you must know that no matter how lonely you might be, you aren't alone in this. None of us really know what to do. We've all been through messy days and we all deal with it differently.

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Embracing your fears will lead you forward. It will let you grow stronger.

We're all a little lost at times.

This article is a friendly reminder that it's okay to feel the way you are feeling.

I don't know the cause of it. It could be a lot of stress, losing a friend, a breakup or pretty much anything else. But I know that it's all a part of growing up.

Give yourself time to heal.

All the hardships will shape who you are bound to become. You will change quite a bit and you're going to lose some people along the way. People you cared for deeply. That's how it must be.

Feel free to cry. To yell. To scream. Do whatever helps you bear it and don't let anyone rush your heart.

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Without change, we wouldn't be who we are.

Forget those negative thoughts.

Social media often presents a false image of eternally happy people. They aren't - it's just the fact that most people post pictures when they're feeling the best.

So, don't get yourself caught up in thoughts that you're the only one not getting a hang of living! We're all winging this, daily.

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You can survive it. And you will.

Stay true to yourself.

Your purpose isn't to please others. Friends and family are very important, but don't put anyone's happiness before your own.

Life is a strange mixture of oversleeping entire days and finishing multiple essays on another. Allow yourself to have both - it's normal.

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Music is always there to help.

In the end, growing up (as harsh as it is) will teach you one valuable lesson: how important it is to rely on yourself when there's no one else beside you.
And when you master this lesson, you will realize that only the sky is the limit.

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This quote was what helped me through a lot of sleepless nights.

Either way, dear reader, I'll be here. Cheering for you!

The article title might sound familiar - here's the song I "stole" it from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyoeJr6ZcPM
I hope it calms you down the way it does that for me.

With lost of love, K.